Neonatal resuscitation Webinar 12/08/20

Webinar plan:

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  1. Juana Rosa Molina

    Importante y necesario para aplicarlo en el día a día del cuidado neonatal

  2. Juana Rosa Molina Salas

    Gracias por la invitación

  3. Lenny

    Muchas gracias

  4. Ustsinovich

    Sorry, it is so difficult to recive your information for further work. Friends of Amaha is good friends, but any information a had not recieved yet. Onlt recomendations and preoposials. with best and warm wishes for cooperation, Yury Ustsinovich, Chief Neonatologist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus

  5. Theresa Makatane

    The presentation was very much informative and really gained a lot as it is said information is power.
    I would like the topic if possible on: care or management of newborns with Covid 19 positive, how should the Neonates be protected from covid 19 transmission and is it necessary for health Care workers to protect themselves from covid 19 positive Neonates and what’s necessary for them to protect themselves

    As a Free State Neonatal Nursing Specialist I would like to send our gratitude’s on behalf of Free State Department of health on the PPE we received via Safeline Pharmaceutical Company donated by Chiesi, the PPE realy was of good assistance to our health Care Providers and patients

    Thank you

    Theresa Makatane

  6. Ana

    I watt Tó declive information on next webinars

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